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Why You Should Take Your Movement Outdoors

Acro Yoga Outdoors

We all have a craving for sunshine. It makes us happy, it's scientifically proven! Living in a place that has seasons might be a little depressing once the cold winter months hit and may not be too appealing to go outside. But there are many activities you can do, even in the snow!

In a 2014 study at the University of Michigan, researchers found that nature walks were associated with lower depression, less perceived stress, and improved mental well-being. We're not talking about just outside though, we're talking about some good ole mother nature. 

Once the warmer months hit it's time to take your movement to the sand at the beach, the mountains, and forests or even the grass at your local park.

Yoga Outdoors

When you pair movement, like yoga or parkour, and the outdoors you are giving your body what it needs, which will lead to an array of benefits like, lower stress and lower blood pressure. Plus a little Vitamin D from the sun. Multiple studies prove this is in fact a true statement.

Don't know what to do outside? Here are a few ideas:

You can do yoga, calisthenics, parkour, walk, run, jog, play basketball. The possibilities are endless.

Want to gain even more benefits? Try walking or doing your yoga practice barefoot in the grass. We aren't going to get into the benefits that going barefoot has in this blog post but stay tuned for future posts!

Thanks for reading. Now, get out there and move!


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