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10 Tips For Beginner Yogi's

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

yoga tips for beginners

As a beginner at yoga you might have some questions:

How should a beginner start yoga? What is the easiest yoga for Beginners? Is beginner yoga hard? How long should a beginner do yoga? So many questions! Don't worry, we're here to help. Starting yoga can be intimidating. We also want you to know that if you are a guy you can in fact do yoga. It's true. Whether you're looking to gain strength, stability, or flexibility, yoga can provide all of the above. We truly believe in yoga and think every athlete and person should be doing it. Here are 10 tips that will give you the confidence to start your yoga journey.

1. Find a Class That Fits You

When you’re looking for a yoga class, it’s important to know what difficulty level you’re at in your yoga journey. If you happen to find a school for yoga visit their website or talk to one of the teachers. They will assist you in finding which class fits you best. This makes your yoga experience much more enjoyable.

2. Try Different Teachers

It’s okay to go to a class and not fully enjoy a teacher's way of teaching. Not everyone is the same, not everybody thinks the same or needs to be taught the same way. Ask friends for recommendations on yoga teachers that you can try out. It’s like buying a car, you gotta test it out first, then commit to buying it. The same goes for your class.

yoga blocks and strap set

3. Come Prepared

There are certain props that we all know: Yoga mat, foam yoga blocks, yoga belt, Mexican blankets, etc. Some classes will provide all these things so you may not need to buy them. But if you want to practice at home you’re going to want to invest in these yoga props. Yoga props will make your yoga practice much more enjoyable.

4. Arrive at Yoga Class Early

If you’re not early, you’re late. That’s one thing I have always heard. Arrive at yoga class a bit early to find your spot, get your things set up and get comfortable, and feel the energy in the room. You can also use this time to use the restroom and do whatever else you need to do.

beginner yoga tips

5. Get a Good Spot

Speaking of arriving early, one more thing you can do is get a good spot. Make sure you can get a spot where you can hear and see the yoga teacher. Don’t be nervous to take a front-row spot. It’s like going to a class, the best students sit in the front. That way your only focus is on yourself and the teacher's words.

6. Be Yourself

Yoga is not a competitive sport. The only competition you have is you. You before today! This goes back to finding a good spot too. Try not to follow what other students are doing but rather focus on yourself and the instructor. Your body and your movement are different than someone else’s.

7. Meet Other Yogis

Again, arriving early. It has so many perks. You can get to class early and meet another yogi in the class. This will make it more comfortable for you. You won’t feel so out of place. Meet your teacher and talk to him/her and build a relationship. Let them know you are new. Everyone will welcome you with warm arms.

beginner yoga poses

8. Buy the Appropriate Pants

Yoga is an active sport so wearing apparel that isn’t so restricting will be beneficial. You don’t want to be that person doing a yoga pose and you have to keep on adjusting your pants or you have to keep tucking in your shirt. It’s going to disrupt your flow and learning ability. Just remember form-fitting and flexibility. One more thing, if you can press your hand up against the material of your yoga pants and see through them, they are too thin. People will see what you don't want them to see if ya know what I mean?

9. Respect Yourself and Listen

One of the best things you can do for yourself is just to listen to your body. Generally, if you do a movement and it hurts, you’re going to want to bust out the yoga blocks or modify your yoga pose. No pain no gain is not a saying you want to follow in this activity. Make sure to focus and breathe through every movement you do.

I like to close my eyes during any sort of workout or exercise. It takes away one sensory allowing me to focus on the feeling more. This doesn't work with EVERY pose but I recommend experimenting to see how it feels for different poses. For instance, if you stand on one foot and close your eyes, it's going to be a bit more challenging.

10. Be Consistent

First, make sure you have goals and intentions set. Second, if your goal is to get better at yoga, be more flexible, get stronger, remember, going once a week is not going to help you at all. You have to do it multiple times a week. Three times a week of yoga should be sufficient if not more. And as always, have fun!

We hope you enjoyed our top yoga tips for beginners. And if you're advanced we hope you still take something away from this read. Try to apply them when starting yoga class or even using some of these for your yoga workout at home.


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