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30 Day Holistic Health Experience

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

What do our 12 hours or 6-month minimum coaching times look like? For this client, Jon Kuhn of the "Trust Me Podcast", worked with all three holistic health coaches here at The Holistic Ape. We each met with him once a week, totaling three connections per week.

View his experience here:

During our three weeks of holistic health coaching we went over the following:

  1. Taylor helped Jon explore how his lifestyle affected his relationship with food. They also explored the emotional and mindset portion of his life.

  2. Josh and Jon did Anusara® yoga, building his foundation to move better.

  3. Jake went over-breathing, meditation, and had solid conversations - Jon is a stay-at-home dad so this was a great thing for him to be able to talk dude to dude.

By the end of the month, Jon had experienced quite the challenge where he could have easily quit our sessions together. Find out how zombies, mayo, and a caved-in roof affected him: Holistic Health Coaching Versus Life Coaching | My 30 day Holistic Coaching Experience


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