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5 Ways to Improve Your Movement

In this blog post, you are going to find ways to help you move better, increase proprioception (body positioning and awareness), and find more intention and awareness in your movement practices. That could be yoga, parkour, calisthenics, Functional Range and Conditioning, or even sports like golf and skiing. These tips will help with all aspects of movement styles. Let's hop into the list, shall we?

1. Hire a Coach or Personal Trainer

The first movement tip is to hire a coach or personal trainer. This is going to allow you to focus on the movement at hand. You won't have to think about how many sets and reps you have to do or even what movement to do. Your coach or trainer will also be able to watch your technique to correct any faulty movement patterns you may have and point you in the right direction. Let us tell you EVERYONE even coaches could use a trainer.

2. Move in Front of a Mirror

This is similar to hiring a coach but more of a DIY version if you will. If you can find a movement where you can also watch yourself at the same time, it could improve your technique and alignment. Try it out! If you don't have a mirror or can't use a mirror, peep the next one!

3. Film Yourself

Filming yourself gives you the ability to see what the heck is going on in your body until you improve proprioception! There are a few apps out there that even allow you to draw and do all kinds of cool things. One app we have used is called Coach's Eye. You can film in slow-mo, reverse, and re-watch and show other people to get feedback. This is a huge asset that could greatly improve your movement which in turn gets you all the gains and improvements.

4. Don't Use a Mirror

We know this is contradictory to number 2 above but hear me out. To help improve proprioception is important you physically feel what is happening in your body. Taking the vision sense away gives you more focus on feeling. When we teach yoga, we never use a mirror because we want people to be present.

5. Diversify Your Movement

Trying different kinds of movements is going to train your brain for more complex tasks. If you stick to one movement style, that's all you will ever know. If you try different movement styles you'll notice how much different exercising feels. You'll become more open-minded and aware of everything you do. You might even experiment with combining different styles of movement to create a unique style that is optimized for YOU.

Thanks for reading!


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