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Spinal Mobility Exercise Routine

Follow along with our holistic strength coach, Jake Casey. This spinal mobility warm-up will be amazing for your body. Warm-up joints for working out, pain mitigation, or when you just wake up in the morning to get your body in the groove.

What is Spinal Mobility?

Spinal mobility is your spine's ability to move and be mobile. It's the ability to move freely. Let's understand the word mobility by looking at the actual definitions down below. Your spine emanates almost all movements that you do.



noun 1. The ability to move or be moved freely and easily.

2. Capacity for motion, ability to move or be moved, property of being easily movable

Imagine that you didn't have a spine how that would basically put you on the ground as a puddle of sorts. Now, imagine you have the greatest spine ever! In general, we want to be somewhere in the middle. We don't need to be contortionists but we also don't want to be so rigid that it feels like a rod goes from up your butt through the crown of your head. Think of the concept of a bamboo tree; It's very strong yet flexible at the same time.

Movement helps us stay healthy, strong, and flexible so that our joints don't degrade, cause any unwanted inflammation, and keep our nerves flowing freely so that the rest of our body can function without disruption.

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