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We Found the Best Socks You Can Wear!

If you're new around here let me first start off by saying we talk a lot about feet, and for good reasons! Feet are your foundation so it makes sense that we'd want to take care of them in the best ways possible, right?

We used to wear socks the weren't toe socks but oh boy, when we found Injinji we never really looked back. Okay, we looked back a few times and every time we were like, yeah never again. And so we filled our drawers with toe socks from Injinji.

They are seriously the best socks ever! Don't believe us? Grab a pair and try them out for yourself. We like to pair them with our favorite barefoot shoes (the ones you see above in the photo) Lems Shoes. They allow for even greater toe mobility!

Here's why we like Injinji Toe Socks:

Have you been a victim of regular socks? Us too, don't worry. Picture this, can you do more with gloves with fingers or gloves that are mittens? Try putting up a tent or making a snowball with mittens. YOU CAN'T! Your hands don't work as well.

The same goes for your socks. Regular socks are like mittens are to your hands. Your toes can't be as free as they should. Now, it's not like you're going to go make a snowball with your feet, although that would be pretty cool! The point is Injinji Toe Socks will make your toes free, and remember, your feet are your foundation so treat them well!



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