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Yoga Blocks for your Fitness Routine

We showed you how to pick yoga blocks and we talked about how to use yoga blocks and straps to modify your yoga poses and deepen your movement practice. Now we want to show something you might be surprised at.

Yep, you read that title right. Yoga Blocks are not just for yoga poses. We want to encourage people to do more movement than just yoga or just parkour or just one anything! Yoga blocks encourage a level of stability and range of motion that most fitness tools and yoga props don't. These props will certainly level up your stabilizer muscles and work your muscles in different ways that you probably never thought was possible.

The reason this is possible is that foam yoga blocks have a smaller base than the ground, therefore it's going to be more difficult to balance. The instability, maybe not as crazy as a Bosu ball, but still requires your body to work hard to find balance. The second reason yoga blocks are great for workouts is they are elevated off the ground. This allows you to be further from the ground to challenge your range of motion (ROM) as well as your mobility because of the extra time under tension. For example, in a normal push-up, you can only go as far as your hands; to the ground. If your hands are higher, you can do your eccentric portion of the pushup and go a little deeper than normal while challenging your stability.

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