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Increase Range of Motion In Push-Ups with Yoga Blocks

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

In this video you will learn how to increase the range of motion in your push-up with our coach Josh Blakley who is a certified Chek Practitioner.

Before we get into how to do this movement, we would like to say that you should be aware of your own strength and limits. Please, don't just try this because it looks cool. Practice progressions before moving on to an advanced push-up like this one.

How to Increase Push-Up Range of Motion Using Yoga Blocks

Unless your goal is to do 100's of push-ups, which is pretty much just working muscle endurance to a point, you're going to want to increase the difficulty of the exercise in order to build more strength. Increasing your range of motion by using yoga blocks is one way to do just that, or shall we say three ways!

Increasing the range of motion of your push-up is beneficial in building strength and increasing difficulty but it's also great for controlling your end range of motion as well.

Most flexibility work will allow you to move your joints in greater ROM's but it's the control that we really want to focus on, especially if we are going to be working out or putting any sort of load using those ranges. If you can't control it, you're asking for injury and nobody wants that.


  1. Place the Yoga Blocks about shoulder-width apart on whatever height is best for you.

  2. Align your third finger under your shoulder.

  3. Get into Plank Position, keep a strong core.

  4. Inhale and lower yourself down, controlling your movement.

  5. Exhale, push-up

  6. Repeat for however many sets and reps feel good to you.

We'd love to give you reps and sets but for this one, you're really going to have to go off of your own ability. It is quite subjective because this is a more difficult movement, especially depending on what height the yoga blocks are on and how strong you already are. Make sure to progress safely, don't rush it.

You can modify this to be your own but here is an example of reps and sets:

  1. Place the yoga blocks on their lowest setting

  2. Tempo: 2X1 (2 seconds down, explode back up, pause for 1)

  3. Perform 10 Reps

  4. Rest for 60 Seconds

  5. Repeat for 3 Sets

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