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Why Foam Rolling Is Great For Movement

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

parkour and movement josh blakley

What Are Biomechanics?

The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms.

When you are trying to maintain proper mobility and avoid injury you must be aware of how the body communicates and moves.

The human body functions as one interconnected element. Your bones, joints, muscles, and tissues all work together to walk, run, jump, or even just texting on the phone. Each part affects other parts of the body. In order to maintain proper function, it's important that you think about how each body part affects the other. It's like a chain reaction.

How The Body Communicates

Here's an example: Your brain tells your body to take a step. In order for you to take a step, your toes have to move which leads up to your knee bending, hip to be in sync, which communicates to your spine, and up through your neck. Each area of the body contains numerous muscles that work together as a team to control the different muscle groups, joints, and tendons. The human hand has just under 30 bones that connect to different muscles that either connect indirectly or directly to those bones and influence it in some way. A multitude of these muscles connect not only to the fingers themselves but navigate or affect other muscles all the way through the wrist, forearm, shoulder, etc. If one of these muscles is off, it can affect the hand, your carpal tunnel, elbow, and more.

If our muscles don't work properly then the rest of our body is going to feel some level of discomfort. It is time to take advantage of our bodies and move the way nature intended.


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