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The Evolution of The Holistic Ape

First, we have to start with how Ape Movement, the original brand before The Holistic Ape, was created in 2018. We started in the recovery market by selling 2-in-1 foam rollers and quickly found that those were patented by getting slapped with a patent infringement. That didn't work out so well. Darn it.

Fast forward to 2019, we got into the yoga market by selling Yoga Blocks and Strap Sets, which was not really successful but we probably broke even. We decided we love our planet and that it didn't need any more waste or fossil fuel usage in it, so we ditched those in early 2020 - just when our sales were skyrocketing due to at-home workouts being wildly popular because of a certain virus we all know.

Most of our customers are healthy people or people who need help so we pivoted into coaching movement, which made sense to us. Helping people is the path we knew we wanted to go down. After discovering how much more there was to help people than just movement, we decided to go full in on more education, more certifications, and more effort so we could help our people better. Taylor is going to be a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition by July of 2021. Josh got his Anusara Elements yoga certification in 2020 to pair with his previous parkour coaching certifications. He will be a graduate of the Chek Institute by 2023. So, you could say we're ready to help people and the pivot began.

Since starting Ape Movement we had a friend named Jake Casey who was interested in furthering his fitness career and gave us the idea of him joining Ape Movement. We thought, well, he's smart, he likes the same things as us, and he endures the cold water in the winter with us every Sunday for the past two years.

"Okay, yeah we'd love for you to join us, why not?!"

We also had just got done re-envisioning Ape Movement and told Jake we were going to be re-envisioning AGAIN. You might be thinking,

"Dang man, how many times are you going to change?"

Until we are on the path we want to be in life. Jake patiently waited and helped us launch The Holistic Ape and we are extremely excited to be here today to help people in the best ways we know how to.

Welcome to The Holistic Ape. We are excited you found your way here.

—Josh, Taylor, and Jake


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