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  • Josh Blakley

All About Health on the Keeping Tabs Podcast!

In the Keepin' Tabs Podcast by Tabitha Kraack we get to talk about lots of things from business, health, relationships, Wim Hof, wellness, and movement. To start we go into the backstory of Ape Movement (our original brand) and how we got into yoga, which is a great story!

Early on Ape Movement got tacked with a patent infringement and so we had to evolve and adapt majorly. Here we are today, no physical products for a sustainability approach for the earth and instead, we offer movement training, holistic health coaching, and more! Listen to the full podcast for the full story on that as well.

We also talk about Wim Hof and the importance of breathing, cold exposure, and commitment to protecting your health and immune system. Practice what you preach is exactly what we do by taking a dip in our frigid Coeur d'Alene Lake every Sunday to help promote health and community to our local people here in North Idaho.

For more info and how you can join the free Wim Hof Cold Dips event, check this link here or watch the full podcast!

Some of the other holistic health and wellness topics we talk about include how relationships, business, friends, family, spirituality, all of that stuff ties in the overall health of yourself. Again, for more info on that, watch the full podcast. It's full of great stuff!

To listen and follow the Keepin' Tabs Podcast, you can check her out here on Spotify!


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