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Yoga Block Core Workout

We've been preaching lately that you have to do more than just yoga or more than just one any movement for that matter. That's why we came up with this killer yoga block core workout. That's right, yoga blocks aren't just for yoga. The benefit of adding the blocks is a little more complex which is great for your brain. It will also help you activate some muscles that you normally wouldn't. Like in the V-Ups, normally you'd just go up and down but adding the yoga blocks into the workout will allow you to activate your leg and are muscles as well as your core.

Equipment Needed:

Yoga Blocks

Total Workout Time: 4 Minutes

Feel free to double up and repeat this workout to make it a little more intense!

1. Block Stack

Perform for 30 Seconds

2. Alternating Feet Kicks

Perform for 30 Seconds

3. Alternating Leg Lifts

Perform for 30 Seconds


Make sure to breathe!

4. Alternating Leg Kicks

Perform for 30 Seconds

5. Yoga Block V-Ups

Perform for 45 Seconds

6. Yoga Blocks Pass

Perform for 30 Seconds

And you're done! Great work!

We'll be releasing more workouts in the future so stay tuned and follow us on social media so you don't miss anything! Don't have blocks to do this? Grab a set by clicking the photo below!


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