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Holistic Wellness Coaching: Transform Mind, Body & Spirit

Elevate Well-Being with Holistic Health Strategies

Also Serving: Spokane, Post Falls, Hayden, Rathdrum, Spokane Valley, Spirit Lake, Plummer, and Worley

Why Choose a Holistic Health Coach?


A Functional Approach

There is the option of a holistic health coach, and then there are, pills, boot camps, options, and promises to help people lose weight, gain muscle, and jump over a building in a single bound. The truth is, most of those programs, pills, plans, or boot camps are necessary. It isn't that they don't work, because sometimes they can. The problem is, how often do they work?


A Holistic Viewpoint

Would your life really be improved after taking medications, 30-day juice cleanses, and a magic weight loss pill while maintaining the habits that got you where you are now? Most likely not! Our holistic health coaches are root cause-focused. That means a Chek Practitioner, Functional Health Coach, who will help you understand how to get to your goals holistically.


A Coach Who Listens

Many of our clients we see don't feel heard by their primary physicians; western medicine. We take the time to listen to your story about your period, menstrual cycle, hormones, relationship, home, nutrition and so much more! It all plays a role in the unique plans that our men's and women's health coaches will provide for you.


Root Cause Focused

At The Holistic Ape, we don't have that magic fat burner, and we don't have some wave-your-wand 30-day get ripped fast program. What we do have, are the tools, knowledge, and ability to help you live your best life now. We also strive to provide the healthiest and most effective methods for achieving your goals without using unnatural means, medicines, or magic pills.

Ready for Your Holistic Health Coach?

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