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Expert Women's Health Solutions for Vibrant Living in Coeur d'Alene

Empowering Women's Wellness: Tailored Health Solutions

Also Serving: Spokane, Post Falls, Hayden, Rathdrum, Spokane Valley, Spirit Lake, Plummer, and Worley

How to Choose Your Women's
Health Specialist


A Functional Approach

Men and women have a lot in common, and there is a lot that they don't have in common either. While many applications, treatments, plans, and programs for our health and wellness can apply to both men and women - what about those differences? That is a valid point and concern, and it is why The Holistic Ape offers a Women's Health Specialist.


A Holistic Viewpoint

Those issues that truly and deeply define the differences between genders are also where the secret benefits of working with a women's health specialist come into play. We aren't exactly the same. At The Holistic Ape, we don't only recognize those differences, we also celebrate them and use them to help empower the building of the best, healthiest, and happiest version of you.


A Coach Who Listens

Many of our clients we see don't feel heard by their primary physicians, mostly in western medicine. We take the time to listen to your story about your period, menstrual cycle, hormones, relationship, home, nutrition and so much more! It all plays a role in the unique plans that our women's health coach will provide for you.


Root Cause Focused

Our women's health coach and functional health coaches treat each condition, issue, and each concern with one thing in mind - you. There is help, hope, and a better way to the happiest, healthiest, and best version of you - holistically. Our number one goal is to get you to having a normal period and balanced hormones.

How Our Women's Health Coach Can Help You!

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