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spine drawing for posture

Posture Correction in
Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Transform How You Feel & Move: Posture Correction

Also Serving: Spokane, Post Falls, Hayden, Rathdrum, Spokane Valley, Spirit Lake, Plummer, and Worley

What to Look for When Choosing 
Postural Correction?


A Functional Approach

Postural correction starts with a high-level orthopedic physical assessment of your posture, pain, risk for injury, and re-injury. Once that is complete we design preventative programming. This assessment takes up to 4 hours, sometimes more. If you've had a lingering injury or limitation, this could free you up to what's been holding you back all this time.


A Holistic Viewpoint

Our Chek Trained Professional is trained to find out the root cause of your postural imbalances. Our holistic health coaches will help empower you and educate you on how to move forward. That means a Chek Practitioner, Functional Health Coach, who will help you understand how to get to your goals holistically.


A Coach Who Listens

Many of our clients we see don't feel heard by their primary physicians; western medicine. We take the time to listen to your story about your period, menstrual cycle, hormones, relationship, home, nutrition and so much more! It all plays a role in the unique plans that our men's and women's health coaches will provide for you. All of these play a role in your posture as well.


Root Cause Focused

For those of you who want to maximize your health potential by establishing an understanding of misalignments and imbalances within your body that could be limiting your physical performance, put you at risk for injury, and how to mitigate pain. Reverse chronic pain or injury and speed up recovery to get back to what you love and enjoy.

Ready to Balance Your Posture?

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