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2020 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fitness Lover in Your Life!

holiday gift guide for fitness lovers

The JadeYoga mat is one of my personal favorites. We've used them for pretty much our whole yoga career! Plus, Jade Yoga is a more sustainable company which makes supporting them that much easier for us. They are made in the United States in compliance with U.S. environmental laws and contain no PVCs making them non-toxic yoga mats. They are super comfortable and have great grip too! And of course, they make a variety of sizes, lengths, and colors.


3. Gym Membership

Find your favorite local gym to the recipient and pay a couple of months of the membership for them to get them started on their fitness journey. What’s a better gift than to promote a healthy lifestyle? Live close to each other? Buy one for yourself too and you can be accountability partners!


HydroFlask's is a popular sustainable option to avoid plastics and extra waste and they work awesome! We use them ALL THE TIME!


Introducing your new health tracker, the Amazon Halo. It's Swimproof; water-resistant to 50M. The battery lasts up to 7 days (Tone disabled) and up to 2 days (Tone enabled). This thing is pretty incredible, it can measure:

  • Body Composition

  • Activity

  • Sleep

  • Tone of Voice

It also comes in three colors at the time of writing this; Black, Rose Gold, and Silver as well as three different sizes; Small, Medium, and Large.

Price: $64.99 (Limited Time Price only. 35% discount off $99.99 only available during the Early Access period.)


We always like to say toes that aren’t squished feel better. Your feet are important and you should treat them as such. Toe socks are comfortable and allow your toes to move freely, as they should. These socks are very popular in the outdoor industry, especially in the thru-hiking world. We don’t know about you but if someone is willing to walk over 2,500 miles with these types of socks, we’re in.


These shoes and the socks above go great together. Remember how we said your feet are important? Well, getting Primal II's is a great barefoot shoe to care for your feet. They have a zero-drop heel, very flexible, and have a wide toe box making them wonderful for everyday wear. We love to wear these while lifting weights, hiking, or pretty much anywhere! Plus, these will most likely make your form better in almost, if not all of your exercises.

Our Favorite: Primal II's


8. Workout Program

If you know someone who hates going to the gym or just doesn’t know where to start this is a great option. It’s a great way to jump-start their fitness journey and to start living a healthy lifestyle. There are many to choose from but we recommend or any of the HIIT workouts from the Beachbody Collection.

If you aren't feeling this one, we have a couple of HIIT workouts and follow along with mobility workouts on our Youtube channel that you could do and they’re completely free!


Speaking of Beachbody, Chalene Johnson, author, and famous Beachbody Coach created the Phase It Up by 131 Method for people to live up to their optimal blueprint. It’s based on the fact that everyone is different. It’s to create a new nutritional lifestyle tailored to your DNA, your gut health, and your individual makeup. Our co-owner Taylor uses this method and loves it!


10. Wim Hof Method

We are huge fans of the Wim Hof Method so we had to throw it in here. We practice this method daily and have a big group every Sunday to practice with. Josh has taken the Fundamentals course and so that's the one we recommend and it's 50% off right now! Score!

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